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Refund function


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I am Gang, following is my story,

My client ordered my gig, kindly. The problem is he order more 1 gig, but without other things I can for you. So I delivered and promise to refund this extra gig. After contacting support, I learned about it’s impossible to refund part of the order. What I can do is cancel this completed order and asked my client to order again. I know this method which is only a method. But I did a mistake, to ask support to do this two things. The result is he cancel the order, and of course can’t order again. I am a level 2 seller, at this level I have met lots of clients who just a tourist of fiverr, contacting them again is almost impossible.

But my order has been cancel, before contacting his buyer. The only way is waiting, waiting for his reply to my request of ordering again. Thanks to the fiverr support, after almost a month, my client ordered again without a word. Obviously, it’s also a trouble for him.

Why we can’t refund just through a refund function in order page, it’s my suggestion!

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