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Interface inconvenience


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It’s new features proposal for Fiverr.

I’m buying translations form my website globecore.com here

And I need really huge documents to be translated.


  1. I cant buy tens of gigs per one purchase from seller. BUt I need it since document is very big
  2. to have it translated still, I split documents in many smaller document – REALLY INCONVENIENTly and purchase each. Sometime to different sellers.
  3. I’m willing to get all parts done and then to check document whole.

    Buy until that time part of orders became IMPOSSIBLE TO RATE or comment

    Like https://www.fiverr.com/users/globecore/orders/FO32A9CDBB85
  4. such orders are highlighted in TODO like need my attention. And I see no aproach to make them inactive.
  5. so my orders became messed – which files are already downloaded and which – no. I have to check it multiple times. it’s BAD!

    I want:
  • to have an ability to rate each order anytime. Yes, it term is expired, you can pay to seller, but why to close the ability to write a feedback even once?
  • to have an ability to mark each order ‘revied and done’ – when I copied files – to miss nothing.

    your automatically acception is good, but how can I know which order isreviewed by me then?
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