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Happy Thanksgiving To Our Buyers - Giving Thanks


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Well, today is Turkey Day! I call it yum, yum day because my wife makes a great turkey and amazing stuffing!

We appreciate all our buyers during 2014, no matter how small the deal is. At least we are helping small business as a way of giving back after almost 27 years in business. Not many businesses do that today.

I always say, what comes around, goes around. Help your fellow friend and then they will help you. Although it’s not as popular as decades ago, people are more into running after money when they should be giving thanks. Sure, money makes the world go round, but you sure can’t take it with you when your time is up. Family first, money last.

2015 holds some interesting changes and we hope to be involved with some of them. In the mean time, all the best for a great Thanksgiving. Take care.

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