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I have spent Over a $143 dollars on Fiverr in advertising and not one time can I say that I was satisfied. It seems to me that a lot of sellers are just selling but they do not have the means to deliver what they are selling.

Two examples: The traffic that sellers are selling here are always non responsive no matter what the buyer is promoting.

Poster flyers that I have used in my community and get result, when I order on Feverr I have never received not even one respond. Keep in mind that those cities are much bigger and more populated than where am from that these sellers claimed that they are posting 100s of flyers.

All my projects that I have bought gigs for are so easy to convert because they either require prospects to call a number or fill out a contact information form. And all this are free, never require a purchase.

My point is, sellers please stop selling gigs you have no intent to really complete because you know what you are doing. Buyers are looking for results not to waste $5 or more. :0


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