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My gig thumbnail is BLACK... How can I change this?


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I created a gig about a day or so ago. Just as the title states, my thumbnail is black when viewing it from the fiver webpage. On my fiverr profile page, however, the thumbnail used is of one of my example images.

First thought that came to mind was that since the beginning of my video is black, it’s taking it from that. However, after watching some other videos on fiverr I’ve realized that the thumbnails are taken from somewhere in the middle of the video… So why is the thumbnail for mine at the beginning? Can I choose which part of the video I’d like the thumbnail to be? If anyone else has had this issue please let me know. I also understand that this can probably be fixed by my editing of the video and revealing the image at the very beginning, but I’d rather not do this.

Thanks, I’m new to this forum as well 😃

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