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Fiverr Full Time? Stability, Fluctuation,


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Hey, so my gig has exploded the last couple of weeks. I now have over 200 in the queue, nearly half have bought extras. I’m processing dozens of orders per day and making in the hundreds $$$ daily.

I also work full time. I am making more on fiverr the last couple of weeks than I am at my day job but so naturally I’m at least THINKING of quitting and doing fiverr/freelance work full time (especially b/c of how much time it takes to do so many orders). However I have a family and need some stability. Have you guys found that your gig(s) take off for a while and then settle back down? Or does it become like, a bunch of people order and the queue goes up and then other people see a high queue and figure it must be good so they order too, and the cycle continues?

How stable is your income on fiverr day in and day out? How much fluctuation do you see? And lastly, obviously every situation is different, but when is it time to fully rely on the income from fiverr?

Thanks! 🙂

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Guest mrsm54321

Congratulations on getting so many orders!

It may sound like a really great idea at the moment to concentrate on Fiverr as it’s bringing you in more money than your day job but whereas your day job is (hopefully) stable there are a lot of risks where Fiverr is concerned. You are doing really well right now but looking at your gig there are hundreds of other people on Fiverr offering the same kind of things. This means that as it’s not unique someone else could easily knock you off the top spot at some point and you could see your sales going down. Generally the more sales you make the higher up the page your gig will be but there are no guarantees that Fiver won’t deny your gig at some point.

If you are the kind of person to take some risks in your life and have a bit of cash put to one side in case of emergencies then it may be worth thinking about but personally I wouldn’t want to put my eggs all in one basket based on a few weeks of good orders.

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Yeah I don’t think I’m ready to quit, this would have to keep up for at least 2-3 months before I would really consider it. Just looking for some thoughts 🙂

As far as my gig’s uniqueness, it is actually very unique in a subtle but very important way in that they are real human followers and not bots or fake accounts. That’s why I have so many orders for 1,000 when there are gigs for 100x that many.

Anyway, yeah the fact that I would be so much relying on 2 services outside of myself (twitter and fiverr) makes it seem really risky to me.

Thanks for the inputs!

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