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Ask yourself first before you ask "How do I get sales?" "Can you help me?"


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So it’s nothing new, we see the “How do I get sales?” “Can you help me?” "Why am I not getting any sales?"

thread all the time. I get these messages in my inbox a lot as well.

In this helpful thread right here:


pretty much all you need to know is here, but I guess I can add a few more things to this already wonderful


  1. READ READ READ through the forum. There are many helpful tips everywhere all throughout the forum.

    If you are not willing to put in the time to read, well, what the heck, that shows how NOT serious you are, and that will show in your sales.

  2. This is already written in the link, but BE SURE to use proper grammar.

    If English is not your native language, ask another person to help you. If you can’t find anyone to help you,

    hire someone. If you are not willing to pay that extra money, well, what the heck.

  3. Use Facebook, twitter, tumbler, all that good stuff. PROMOTE!!! Let people know about your gig using the

    internet. Maybe you can start by letting your friends and family know.

    Don’t even get started on asking "How do I use Facebook to promote?"

    Do your own research, there are so many helpful tips online on how to promote stuff, you can also

    use youtube. Again, if you are not willing to put in that extra time and effort, and simply hoping people to

    spoon-feed you the information here at the forum, what the heck.

  4. CHECK other successful people’s gig. LOOK at their description, look at their sample images and learn.

    There is a reason why those super-successful sellers are getting orders everyday.

    ASK YOURSELF if you are offering the SAME quality of work, SAME level of professionalism as those people.

    (DO NOT copy them, do not steal their images/descriptions though!!!)

    In many cases when I see the “Why am I not getting sales” thread, I check out the seller’s gig,

    but most of time the description is sloppy, the images are low quality (or simply taken from

    google image or something), and the grammar is all wrong.

    In other words, ( and excuse me for sounding like a jerk), it makes me think "No wonder this person is not

    getting any orders."

    If you are seriously wondering why you are not making sales, just go check other people’s gig and

    compare it, then try to learn from it.

  5. Juuuuuuuuust be patient. In fact, do not even expect to get any orders at first. Heck, I didn’t!! 😛

    Some people did everything correctly, they have great gigs, good quality, correct grammar etc,

    but for whatever reason they can’t get orders. I guess maybe it’s just luck. There are so many sellers

    out there ( like more than 3 million now???), so the chances of you getting exposure at first is low.

    Also, orders come in waves. As mentioned, some people get orders everyday.

    However in other cases, in one particular month you get hundreds of orders, and then the next month, orders stop.

    Sometimes, this “drying-up period” will go on for weeks, even months.

    All I can say is IT HAPPENS. I’m a TRS, my most popular gig is drawing characters, I’ve had several orders everyday at

    one point, but the last order I got was more than 10 days ago. IT HAPPENS.

    I’m not saying that this list I’ve written here is going to apply to everyone, but I’m sure it does to a

    certain degree. Try asking yourself if you have done and tried everything before asking people here, since I’m sure the answers or replies you will get here is the same ones that has been repeated on the forum for the past several years.

    I’m pretty sure we will continue to see those “not getting sales” thread, but hopefully this will

    help, at least a tiny bit. 😛

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