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Question about Fiverr's off-site contact rule


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So I’ve been on here for almost 3 years, I often get that dreaded message “can we talk via messenger, s***e or Phone?” which I instantly respond “It is against Fiverr policy to contact off site, but do my best to respond quickly.”.

However, someone I’ve out sourced work to in the past signed up for Fiverr a few months ago. I’ve placed a few orders with him since he signed up to help get him used to how Fiverr works. How would this fall under the Fiverr ToS since we’ve previously worked together on projects?

Do I need to contact Fiverr support and let them know, if so what type of support ticket would it be?



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Guest eclients

Thanks for the info guys. I have been wondering this a lot myself. Sort of the same situation. I knew them before they became a Fiverr member. The person kept sending me emails with questions etc and I finally just kept telling them enough times they got it through their skull that I could only talk to them through Fiverr about Gigs.

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