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Fiverr on Balkan!


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Hello everyone!

I just want to share with all of you my happiness!

I am so thankful that I found Fiverr this year!

Because I live in Bosnia and Herzegovina and I have a master degree with no job! WHY?

See it’s a very corrupt political country! You have to know someone who know someone who know someone…to find a low paid job!

The average salary in my country is about 300-400$ per month!

it’s great that I can make some money myself, and don’t have to ask my parents and work on jobs I dont like, with making videos and I LOVE it!

Please share your story with me!

THANK YOU FIVERR for giving me a chancee to live a life! 😃

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Hello Jelena

I am from Balcan too. From albania to be more precise.

I started learning hacking 5 month ago. During that time I leearned a lot about computers and the internet, Until 2 month ago I left the hacking world 4ever. It just wasn’t something for me.

With the knowledge I got I started with monetizing. I tried PTC for another month until I reached fiverr.

I used what I knew and I have made about $35 here.

It’s pretty awsome here if you got nothing to do 😃

Thats my story.

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Hi @jelenakraji;

I have only bought gigs on fiverr, I have no gigs for sale. Maybe I will in the future. I’m glad you’re making money on fiverr.

I looked at your gig page to see if I could help you somehow to make more money. I think your reverse video idea is a gold mine!

Here are some free ideas.

Take a world map and write your customer’s message on it, then tear it up so that the reverse video means the world comes together. What about writing it with chalk on a pile of bricks, and kicking it over so that the wall is built with the message. There are lots of easy ways to take that idea further. I think it’s pretty unique and could make you a lot of money.

Hey @danielrika, do you offer any gigs based on your hacking? People love it when a bad guy goes good! I’d love to see a gig that said ‘Ask me a hacking question’ or something like ‘I will answer one hacking question for $5’. or ‘I will help with computer security question’. Is there something you learned that you can offer that will help people, without offering cracks or breaking any laws? I was surprised that you don’t offer anything like that on your gig page. The gig could be ‘I will test your app for security leaks for $5’ or something. Then in the gig description you could say ‘I learned hacking but decided I didn’t agree with it. Now I can use what I learned to help you make your app and website secure. I will spend 20 minutes using my best efforts to hack your site or app, and if I can, I’ll tell you how I did it so that you can do it yourself (maybe) and fix the security problem’.

Just an idea.

I hope you guys make money on fiverr!

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@danielrika be careful; self promo belongs in My Fiverr Gigs. I’m also not sure using the word “hacking” in any of your gig descriptions is a good idea.

Welcome @jelenakraji Your gigs look good, (sve je u redu!). But you may want to check spelling and grammar. For example, you have the word ‘sing’ instead of the correct spelling which is ‘sign’. Also you should visit the FAQ forums and the Tips for Sellers forum for excellent tips!


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Hi @scoban; I think it all depends on how you approach it. Computer security is a big concern, and for good reason. I think if I were to design an app, I’d hate to have bad publicity because suddenly it was revealed that there was a way to hack into a customer’s phone because of it. And what better way to test it than have an ex-hacker look at it for me? I understand your hesitation but @danielrika I’m interested to see your results!

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