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What to do when Fiverr Client Tries to Order Extras without Ordering Base Gig


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I have a gig for song ratings and critiques. The initial gig is a song rating for $5. The extra is a full critique with thoughts and suggestions for $10 extra- Total $15.

The client is ordering 2 - $5 gigs and 1- $10 extra but they are asking for 2 full critiques- and not the initial $5 rating.

That is not how this gig is set up, or intended to be at least. It should be a total of $15 to get to that level of service.

I would like your input on what to do -or- Do you think my gig is hard to understand? Should customers be allowed to order extras without ordering the initial $5 gig? -Or is it just the customer having a hard time comprehending this gig? Do you think maybe they are trying to game the system or find a way around the price? Have you had this happen to you before? What did you do?

Any and all advice appreciated. Thank you in advance 🙂

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