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Happy Valentines Day


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To our wonderful Fiverr community,


We wish you, and yours a happy day, filled with hugs and kisses and all things lovey dovey.

In a recent forum discussion you introduced your partners to us all and shared the story of your love.
Some of you even shared photos!

As a Valentine's Day surprise, we had a handful of your photos made into illustrations.
Check it out:

Here's an awesome picture Donaldjr shared. He is with his wife of 4 years.


Paopeipao took that photo, and illustrated it into this:

Andreajam's story starts all the way back in 2nd grade. Here's the family she has today:


Boslass Illustrated that photo into this cute Chibi drawing:

Tn5rr2012 is super proud of her daughter and shared this great photo of them together:


Tleshian worked his magic and created this stunning mother-daughter portrait.

Twistedweb123 and his girlfriend have been together for 2 years and have an adorable 6 month old child. Here is the photo they sent us:


Sstinc created these 2 versions of the photo:



Thanks for sending in your stories and pictures, we love getting to know all of you.

What did you do this Valentine's Day?
Please share below :)
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Hey! I was looking around for romantic cruises for me and my husband and found this contest with Cruise Voyant. All I had to do was submit a story about how we met along with a picture to enter to win. Hopefully we will!

hzMapiNYYpW.icofacebook.com 74226_509969502370702_554459580_n.jpg?oh=6d2579f46579009b06fe30e8d94a31d8&oe=5ADF4C11

Cruise Voyant

Cruise Voyant. 11K likes. Cruise Voyant - A Revolution in Cruise Booking. Find your dream cruise at www.cruisevoyant.com

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This is really sweet

Happy Valentine Day

http://www.couponandreview.com/wp-content/themes/sahifa/favicon.icoCoupon & Review – 18 Jan 15 http://www.couponandreview.com/wp-content/uploads/Valentines-Day.jpg

valentine’s day deals - Coupon & Review

A list of valentine's day deals, coupons and promotions. Delight your valentine this year without sp

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Single on valentines day

Are you going to be alone on Valentine’s Day? There are many reasons why you may find yourself alone; if you suffer with social anxiety disorder (SAD) it may be due to fear about approaching potential romantic partners. Whatever your reason for being alone, below are some tips to help you cope.

Get some perspective: If you feel sad because Valentine’s Day causes feelings of loneliness and reminds you that you’re “just” a single, it might help to realize that there are plenty of other single people experiencing Valentine’s Day too.

While some of them might be feeling as miserable as you, some of them are probably having a wonderful time snickering at the pointlessness of Valentine’s Day or not even bothering to give it any notice. And then there are many couples who resist Valentine’s Day as much as possible, despairing of the pressure to conform to purchasing gifts and celebrating the occasion like clockwork and who find the commercialization of Valentine’s Day crass even though they’re in love.

With this perspective in mind, it can be a little easier to stop sniffling into your handkerchief.

Remind yourself that the benefits of Valentine’s day are realized in the cashier’s till of the florist, candy retailers, gift stores and restaurants catering for romantic dinners for two.

Night Out with Single Friends:

If you have single friends, plan a night out as a group. Being in the company of others in the same situation will help to ease your loneliness. Just be sure to keep the night upbeat

Tips for coping with valentines day:

Send Valentines to the people you really love: family, close friends, etc. It will help you to be grateful for all the true love in your life and not just the temporary hype of Valentine’s Day love.Set up your sweet tooth and look forward to Cheap Chocolates Day, when the soft centers and seasonal candy treats are marked down to quarter price because the box is heart shaped. Best day of the year to enjoy expensive boxed chocolates at a super discount. Heck, consider this even if you are in a couple, it might be more romantic to spend Valentine’s Day itself alone getting into something more personal and less crowd-oriented.Celebrate “Cheap Chocolates Day.” All those fancy treats, soft center chocolates and interesting concoctions are discounted heavily on the 15th. You can have a good time celebrating on your own the day after and look forward to the goodies!Stay away from the stores. The marketers make Valentine’s Day seem like a “must-participate” occasion, as if you’re some sort of party-pooper for not joining in. This imagery is particularly strong in places like Canada and the United States, while other countries aren’t so obsessed with the Valentine’s Day celebration. One good example is Brazil that doesn’t celebrate the holiday in February to avoid conflicting with the Brazilian Carnival (they instead celebrate Valentine’s Day in June). Perhaps book a trip overseas to escape it over the week leading up to Valentine’s Day!You should also realize that there are less fortunate people around the world. You may feel depressed about yourself on Valentine’s Day on not having a mate, but there’s plenty of people who do don’t even have a home, food, good health, freedom, and other essentials. Your situation pales in comparison to people who live under dictatorships and/or third-world poverty. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter or donate goods to third world countries. You will realize how lucky you still are and not worry about not having a mate too much.Hang out with like-minded people and enjoy the day in the gym or at another relaxing place. Hang with friends if they are single too!

Take advantage of free offers from dating sites. Many dating sites have free communication weekends, and some offer even longer term deals for Valentines day has one of the highest response rates from members so it is a great time to find love on-line.

Ehamoney also has its free communications weekend on most major holidays and valentines day.

Singles Media has its annual deal:

Valentines days singles special. A special offer to all who are single on Valentines day. For this weekend only we are offering a free 6 month membership to foreignwomen.com, asiansingles.com and matchusa.com.

No credit card require and this is a full membership. Don’t be alone next year on valentines day, use promo code: 6mnthfw

Man can post a profile on A Foreign Affair (loveme.com) for free, and see dozens if not hundreds of women from around the world write you. A great feeling to see how many women form different culture may be interested in you.

We hope all this helps

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