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If so, please let me save you a lot of pain and advise you NOT to upgrade to the new Yosemite OS unless you click the box to turn OFF FileVault.

I made the mistake of ‘trusting’ Apple to advice me of the best way to upgrade so when I got to the FileVault stage and saw a box already ticked for using FileVault, I didn’t question it.

Then the problems began!

FileVault (2) will then encrypt all your files in your hardrive. My estimated time was 116 days. Bare in mind that FileVault will only encrypt when you have your power cord in and that FileVault uses most, if not all, of your CPU power so it basically makes your MacBook useless.

Now none of this is pointed out to you on any forum or Apple support site so it took me ages to find a one line code of text to put into Terminal on the mac to disable the encryption. Bare in mind once encryption has started, you can’t simply hit the ‘turn off encryption’ button.

And now, after 3 hours of decrypting, my MacBook is better than ever.

Just a warning to you all - I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I just have, especially when clients are screaming at me for delivery.



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