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Hey, I've created a new gig but I feel like it's gotten lost in sea of gigs


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Hey guys, I’ve recently joined fiverr, and created a few gigs. I’m a genuine seller of my service and understand that there may not be many buyers for the service I’m providing. But I feel like gigs made by new comers are just getting lost in the thousands other gigs, while people who have been here from day one, have a bigger reputation and get chosen more. I was wondering if there is a way other than featuring your gig, to get the gig out there to get more people.

And I’m also shamelessly going to use this moment to promote my gigs, and say that I’m a music composer that makes good piano and orchestral pieces to fit your needs! I’m also a writer and create great short stories which are really interesting, if anyone is interested. Sorry about the shameless promoting, as a university student, I’m doing all i can to get some money XD

Thanks for reading!

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Worry not nichal4394! The Fiverr model usually ‘allows’ new sellers to get a few orders fairly quickly - to keep them optimistic about success. 😉

Of course after that initial flush things will go up & down pretty much forever. That’s even true for the old-timers; their downs just aren’t quite as low.

In short, don’t count on Fiverr to drive any sort of consistent promotion. Peddle your gigs everywhere you can online and off, and it wont hurt if you can get a few friends to buy a couple of your gigs to build up some good feedback. You can also shamelessly promote your gigs on the “My Fiverr Gigs” board on this forum. Buyers do actually check that out sometimes.

Check your Fiverr account on-site often. The messaging & notification systems are glitchy at best. Most importantly do not rely on Fiverr to provide much income. It won’t. The majority of high-earning (and that’s based on Fiverrland “earning”) sellers don’t actually create or make ‘legitimate’ things. They usually sell fake social media likes, use software to generate marketing materials, e.g., logos, spun articles etc. - generally shady things sold to shady people who want to make money (GET RICH QUICK!) online. There are some good ones too, I’m just trying to stress the point that you shouldn’t expect too much as someone who actually produces something original.

Best of luck to you!

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Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks a lot! Well I’m hoping as a new seller, I’ll get those first few orders quickly XD

But yes thank you for the feedback! I guess every now and then, I’ll shamelessly promote myself in the forums! Yes, I’m trying to promote my gigs everywhere as much as possible, and hoping I’ll get some sales!

I can see that some sellers are actually using software generated stuff, and it makes me wonder how people who make original content sell more stuff on fiverr O.o

I’m just trying to use fiverr, to get a few quick bucks to help me get through another month at university. And hoping that I can get some sales XD

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