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Havent gotten any sell since i started on fiverr


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some times i wonder if fiverr realy exist for me.since i started on fiverr i havent even gotten any sell.what is the problem here.

you can order any of my gigs

please forgive me if this violate the theme of service

i have some domain for sell



contact me if you are interested

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Well first of all, you only have ONE gig. There is no choice of your gigs to buy. One gig, is one gig. I recommend offering a variety of gigs with services you are skilled at completing.

Second, this is not the place to try and sell domain names.

Third, your one gig is for writing a 150-word article. Article writing gigs are very competitive here on Fiverr, and, unfortunately, your gig is neither informative, detailed, nor does it stand out in any way from the rest.

To get sales here on Fiverr, you need to offer unique services (that people want), or provide better services than your competitors. If you make no attempt to do those things, you’re not likely to receive many sales. Your Fiverr gigs are your business. If you want to be successful, you need to think like a businessman, a marketer, an entrepreneur, and a social media guru.

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Jon has provided an excellent analysis of your gig, which sums up perfectly why you aren’t receiving any orders.

As for myself, I have one piece of advise, or rather, something I want to shout at you, in the hopes your brain will see why you’re failing for itself.

You’re offering a 150 word article, which is premium rate on here. That’s $20 for 600 words. Yet, bizarrely, your Fiverr profile text, which everybody can see, doesn’t even start with a capital letter. We go on one letter more and see there’s no apostrophe indicating the phrase “I am” has been shortened.

How can you ever expect premium rate money when you’re providing amateur samples of your product?

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