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Check my gig i am not getting orders......:(


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muntaha azam



WELCOME to my profile!
I am professional and creative logo designer. I have excellent idea for any logo design so, i can provide 100% unique and eye catching logo for you. I am very hardworking and reliable person. I am confident to provide your demand. regards


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As @fonthaunt explained, you’re probably not getting orders because of spamming. Yes, spamming gets your message or in this case gig out there, but it’s not how you generate sales.

A quick view of your profile tells me you do logo design, but in 4 months you’ve gotten a 74% rating and response time of more than a week. If I needed a logo made I would also choose someone else.

People look for good rating and quick response time among other things.

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Reply to @muntahaazam:

I get the feeling there isn’t much you could do right now.

A 73% rating sounds pretty bad, a week+ response time sounds bad too, spamming

makes it worse. If you seriously do not understand what I mean by this, I don’t think you’ll be

making future sales.

If you stay patient, improve your gigs and make special offers, you might get orders in the future

that might eventually increase your rating, but it will take time.

I also checked your gigs too, and I’ll be honest here, I don’t think I’ll order from you even if you

have not spammed the forums or had a higher rating.

Your gig descriptions are extremely short, they don’t seem professional.

Again, if you don’t get this, or if you are thinking something like “why do I need longer descriptions,

why can’t the descriptions be short, people can look at my sample images and that

should be enough for them to get an idea,” you will be struggling for a while.

Try to check other successful sellers’ gigs and pay attention to the amount of effort they

have put into their gigs, I think that’s the first thing you should do.

Hopefully this answers your question.

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I’ll be honest with you, because what’s the point of beating around the bush, right?

Your work is out of style. It’s outdated. It’s not fashionable. Around 2012, logos took a very minimalist theme. They became about simple use of colors and images. Look at how the Windows logo changed.

Your work belong in 1998. I’m not saying that to be mean. There are just a LOT of better designed logos for sale on this site. Look at your rivals, look at what they’re producing. The guys with 150 orders in their queue are producing sharper, more polished displays.

You need to go back to basics. Read a book on design. Torrent one if need be. Flick through logo inspiration sites. Get yourself some proper fonts. Learn more about Adobe Illustrator. Because you’re a fair way away from where you need to be to make good money.

You can work on your gig description and your response times and all that jazz, and that will probably help you make an extra $5 or $10 here and there. But if you want regular orders on here, you need to offer a more efficient, up to date product.

Otherwise you’re wasting your time…

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Guest seo_blogcoments

Placing comments on blog articles is good when you have something of value to offer. The reader will be further engaged -

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I’m sure this will be the last time I’ll be responding to your posts.

I was hoping you will understand what “being professional” meant, but I’m

afraid you did not.

Since I get the feeling you are not going to understand what I mean by this,

I will point it out clearly.

Do NOT copy/paste other people’s descriptions.

I saw several parts in your gig description where I can clearly tell that you

simply took another person’s description and pasted them together.

Trust me, when you copy other people’s description, some people can

tell right away.

IF by any chance you are thinking why that is wrong, well,

then I really have nothing more to say to you.

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Reply to @muntahaazam: As d3services said, in addition to all that has been said here, you do not seem to be from a country where English is the primary language. That part by itself is fine. I am about to place an order for photography from someone in Sri Lanka and communications have been good with that seller.

Your profile indicates that you are in the U.S. however, and that looks like a scam to me. Combined with your work, your low ratings, and your forum behavior, I have no idea how you could get many legitimate sales. I’m sorry. If you think you can really do better you could ask Customer Support to close your account and you could start over.

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Guest avadhikanojia

Hey @d3services please have a look at my work. I am also from India and doing good work here in 3 month I am at level to with 100% positive feedback… Please don’t blame country for work. here many people do quality work and many not …

Thank You

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