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What Happen to Fiverr ? :(


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My orders started increasing in the past couple months and usually varies, however I have noticed they seem to have slowed down since Fiverr introduced the additional fee during checkout (.50 up to $10 and $5 on orders over $10).

As most “new” things, I think it will take a bit of time to adjust to that change, and at least half my orders in the past week have been repeat buyers as well instead of new clients.


Keywords within gigs is great advice and it’s something I’ve recently tried playing with, though SEO isn’t my strong point yet. I know how to research keywords for Google sort of, but do you have any tips for choosing good keywords for gigs?

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Here is what I recommend.

Do a search on your main keywords. Check out your competition. If they are ranked higher than you, than check the following.

  1. How many keywords do they use in the title and description.

  2. What is the total words in the description and title. In the SEO world they call this keyword density. If your competitor description is only 900 total words and has 2 keywords in the body, you want to shoot for the same if you want to have the same keyword density.

  3. Where are the keywords placed in the title and description.

    A lot of people think all you have to do is put keywords in your title and description to get results but where they are placed and the density can also be a factor.

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