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Logging in at different computers and internet connection, is it problem?


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  • 7 months later...

Not working for me… When I started the buying process at work, then went home to complete the process from the shopping cart, I couldn’t see anything I bought.

But when I went back to the office and logged in, the gigs were there. Logged into the same account at both locations using a username/password (not the FB or Google connection).

Has anyone had this problem when half way through the buying step?

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Each computer on a network is usually assigned a unique IP. There may be a “parent” device (like a router) that has an IP ad and many people could be on separate devices using it. Fiverr would be able to tell if multiple accounts were in use on the same computer unless the user knows how to switch IPs on the fly using a proxy or another method.

The thing is, Fiverr might catch the behavior during a routine check on something but that might or might not happen fast so some people fly under the radar. If the multiple accounts are reported to CS, the chances of a warning or ban are greatly increased. If 2 accounts on one IP review each other, the chances are even higher.

It seems to me some CS reps are more likely to chase down violators than others. I’d say they’ve banned about 6-7 out of 10 on those I’ve reported through a Trust and Safety ticket. Of course, some of those might have had Fiverr permission - they don’t tell me what their decisions are based on. So, @eoinfinnegan’s friend could have been banned for it, especially if it happened repeatedly. That person you found that seems to have 20 accounts (I read in another thread) must be doing something pretty tricky if that’s really the same person.

@hfarazm is describing one account on multiple IPs and I’ve never heard of anyone getting in trouble for that. Like you, I use other networks to log in anytime my net is down. I’ve never had an issue.

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There is absolutelly no problem loging from different computer. For example myself I login from:
Home computer
work computer
wife laptop
mobile phone

And I do that since I started selling 2 years ago.

The only rule is that you dont have multiple accounts.
Always play fair and you will be rewarded

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I’ve heard of sellers who hire or work with a group to create a mini-call-center setup using many computers and accounts. Since they are actually separate computers and IPs, it doesn’t violate the letter of the ToS.

That may be what you are seeing on that one. Just guessing, but if those were all on one literal IP I think they’d be gone.

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y’all are kinda missing the point, what i can infer from the collective recent responses and a few experiences i’ve heard is that:
The only way fiver detects that a user runs multiple accounts is if two (or more) accounts are used on a computer (with the same IP)

honest people wont be bothered probably, they’ll think since its different accounts, and they get deleted.
Watchout and be careful.

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That’s strange, I guess every experience is different. When I go to my parents house, I log in from their computer. At home I use my computer, or my phone. If I had a job, from work.

The only time I ever got an account warning letter was after insulting a customer, back then I was channeling Tony Soprano, I don’t do that anymore.

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