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Multiple issues with my fiverr site


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Hi - I’m a fairly seller new here (about 1.5 months) and have many bugs and issues with my site. What’s the best way to resolve them? Do I need a support ticket for each one?

Issues include

-one of my reviews isn’t showing up in

-it’s tell me I haven’t reviewed one of my buyers (I have)

-I can’t open some of the mail in my inbox

There’s more. Any help will be appreciated.



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Usually you just need to wait a little longer, and things show up.

On your gig page, it looks like you have reviewed all of your buyers. Does it still tell you you need to review one? Also, I see that 7 buyers have left their feedback. Is that the correct number?

As for the mail not opening: if it says that you can’t contact them for privacy reasons, they have been blocked by Fiverr because they broke some rules, so you can’t contact them nor read their messages for your own protection.

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Thanks catwriter. I waited a few days before becoming concerned. The numbers showed up ok on my gig page, but not on my account pages. (With the extreme emphasis on these items, I didn’t want to take the chance of missing a rating.) But I am in communication with fiverr customer support and they’re helping me fix these things. They also explained why I couldn’t read those messages - would have been good to get some explanation on the spot. I’ll pass that on as feedback to admin.

Thanks again for your help.

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