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I have been on fiverr for just a month or two. Buyer only and have been totally amazed at what is available. I run several tiny businesses, all internet related. After having a few problems with sellers, the last two gigs I bought I had to cancel, I discovered this forum. Within HERE is the gift and secret of this platform. Read through the various stories and issues that people are going through, and you will learn so much. You will find compassionate sellers, knowledgeable and honest. Read as much as you can stand! It is entertaining, informative and you will get a feel for what fiverr is really about. When you scan through gigs, its like waking through a flea market, there is no personality and no life. Here you can see and feel a sellers passion and his love for doing what he knows best. Yes he may have trouble with a buyer…but to see an individuals composure and sense of right and wrong are totally exposed here. I have read listings that I would not buy your gig if it was free and then on the other hand I have read rants from folks that I WANT doing my next gig. The secret to fiverr is the GOOD, HARDWORKING , Honest people that make up most of this platform.

Keep up the good work and I will read from here from now on.

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