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I have no idea about order button, can anyone guide me?


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Guest elinelabs

I am a new seller here. I have no idea how to get order , can anyone guide me for that

And tell me comment about my gig and immediately changes

I am in fiverr

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Hello timedefensive and elinelabs,

I am completely aware that I might sound like a meanie, but I’ll go ahead and say this

to you both.

READ. It’s that simple.

The guidelines/instructions to everything is in the Fiverr site and in this forum.

Once you read through everything, I’m sure you’ll get a pretty good idea.

I know it’s a lot to read, but if you are not going to put in the extra time to go through everything

yourself first, it will be hard to get sales.

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Add your company name or logo on this helicopter taking off.

✔️ Full HD video longer length provided

✔️ Show off to your friends or family use for promotion.

✔️ Make birthday wishes

✔️ Can send in .avi .mpeg .mp4 .wmv

the output video file is HQ its must have video

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