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5 Steps To Take BEFORE PLACING THAT ORDER and How to Minimize Your Delivery Time On Fiverr


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Hello Buyers,

Yesterday I posted a very interesting article on the Sellers Tips section and was really happy that a lot of people found it useful. Today is the turn of The Buyers… So, here we go!

If you are a new buyer on fiverr, you’ll pretty much get confused when you first visit the platform and see a lot of people display their services and offers.

For the fact that The Fiverr Team has created a very volatile and confusing platform which sends some of the best talents down the drain and put up a lot of mediocre on the front page shows that 80% of new Buyers make the mistake of quickly placing their orders on the first few sellers they see, instead of investigating further to discover the right kind of Talents they would like to work with.

If you visit any Niche section on fiverr, you’ll see The Highly Rated Sellers first, these are sellers that have been on fiverr for over a year and then when you still check the recommended section, these guys are still on top of the list…

This simply means that fiverr’s platform favors those who have been on fiverr for long and so they get more busy and make more money everyday.

But the fact is that a lot of buyers get stuck with these people and find it difficult to pull out because of the Reputation they have built over the years. So, they need to wait for a long time and spend more money to get a service they could have access to within 24 hours and for a much lesser price too.

So, what are the things you need to look at in any Seller and How do you minimize your time and expenses?


    If the seller’s gig image is crap, Then it means he just jumped on fiverr and wanted to make quick bucks without dedicating his time and a little investment to have a professional looking Gig Image. Just leave and look for someone really serious.


    Most Buyers just scan through our gig descriptions and place their orders immediately without really understanding what the seller promises to Deliver.

    Then when the delivery is made, the Buyer starts raving and spread bad message around that fiverr is full of scammers!

    So, make sure you read your gig description well before hitting the Order Now Button! Okay? 🙂


    No matter what you need or how urgent you need it, always make sure that you contact your seller, it’s just a way to get familiar to the fellow you’re giving your money to.

    Most of my buyers contact me and we get acquainted with one another before the service is sealed.

    This always makes it easier for my buyers to continue to ask me for modifications or beg me to be patient with them when they have not provided the necessary documents needed for their service.

    It also makes it very easy for you to identify a professional from someone who relies entirely on software and templates for his or her job deliveries. 😦

    So, ensure you contact that seller before placing your order.


    This is a very important point which I have mentioned in my former posts here and on other online platforms where I offer my services. Because this is a website where services starts from $5 doesn’t mean we sellers are stupid and can’t charge you more if your work requires it.

    I got my ratings negatively affected by a buyer who wants to have the PSD and other Designs of her work for free and after explaining to her that she will have to pay for it, she marked the order as completed and came back 4 days later to give me a bad rating (3 Stars), This single buyer dropped my rating of 100% from over 70 buyers to 98% just by her personal action.

    So, you should know that if you don’t like what the seller has done completely, it would be better not to give him or her a rating at all than to leave a 3 or even 4.8 rating on the account.

    Be reasonable… This is Business!


    If all you see is just Outstanding Experience, well… he’s Good, If you see a few words… The Seller is Better, But

    if you see buyers expressing themselves and describing your Seller with different Words… That Seller is a Gem!

    Check what people are Saying about your seller before Making your Purchase.


    As always, its a challenge to work on a platform like this with over 1 million sellers and over 10,000 Competitors and still thrive in this kind of situation. Sellers who have extra ordinary Talents are recognized by buyers with awesome sense of judgement.

    If you follow these 5 steps above, I promise you a wonderful and stress free experience on Fiverr.

    Hope you have a great time.

    And not to forget, I just created a nice Gig on Christmas Cards and would be happy to help you design something special (Ready to Print)for your Business, Clients, Customers, Friends and Family. 🙂

    here’s The Direct link to the gig:


    Until Next Time,

    I remain Yours in The Gig Economy,

    Graphics Pro360
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Thanks for the advice.

Re #4, though, what do you suggest if a seller sends an empty file on the due date with a message saying s/he will deliver the produce “soon”? Two weeks later, there’s still no deliverable.

If the product is ever delivered and the guy isn’t just a scammer, an accurate review will have negative consequences for the seller.

The fact is, my project is not time-sensitive, at all. And as long as the gig is completed without stealing/copying/ripping-off someone else’s work, the workmanship will be adequate. So, I’d hope my expectations are not entirely out of line.

Should I refrain from reviewing in this case?

Kind regards,

a random buyer

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Reply to @catsquirrel: Thanks for your comment. I believe if you have done the first 3 things above, you would have been able to know if your seller is genuine or just a scaly-wag who’s looking for quick bucks.

So, I believe when a seller delivers an empty document, you can still click on the modification button and continue doing that until your real job is finally delivered. you may also threaten to cancel the order if the seller will not deliver within a specific time frame.

In my case, I delivered well, but my buyer wanted a $15 worth of items for free and I sure can’t let her have it absolutely free. so, she decided to place a bad rating on my account.

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Love this article!

The range of people on this site is astounding! Some are incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with and others almost seem like nefarious children trying to use a grown-up system.

I totally agree that the best thing both parties can do is READ. Typically all the information for an order is given upfront via instructions, descriptions, requirements, gig extras, correspondence, etc. If all buyers would spend more time reading and more sellers carefully crafting their messages lots of problems could be avoided.

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Hi, good post and I agree but with regards to point 4, I think you need to set and manage expectations more clearly. For example, I am having some illustrations done through Fiverr, and I always clarify with the seller what work and rights are included. If you are getting marked down, then you need to be clear with your buyer that this gig includes XYZ, and additional gigs will be required for additional formats or copyright.

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Reply to @graphics_pro360: Ouch, $75?! Sorry friend! It does seem like a lot of buyers are half-conscious while conducting business. The ones that drive me insane are those that ask questions that can easily be found on the gig to which they are referring. If the communication isn’t good during messaging, it is almost certain the order won’t go smoothly either.

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