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Fiverr Needs to Accept OnlineNaira


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In order to buy and sell in Fiverr, we are all expected to use PayPal and recently Fiverr has added a couple more ways including bitcoins to make payment for gigs and get paid. However, there are still a huge number of people who are finding it difficult to make payments and be paid on Fiverr.

Most Africans who live in Africa fall into this category and are currently unable to use PayPal and in an effort to pay on Fiverr, they have resorted to using third parties to make payments and be paid. The implication is that they either get put-off doing business with Fiverr or pay extra fees in order to get their money into Fiverr or get paid. The truth is that no one will help make payment into Fiverr, but for a fee and that means it is more expensive for those categories of Fiverr users to do business on Fiverr.

This is where OnlineNaira comes in.

OnlineNaira is currently the largest payment gateway in Africa with over 100,000 members and has been helping people to make payments into Fiverr for a few years. In my own opinion, now is the time for Fiverr to consider partnering with OnlineNaira so that more people including Africans can do more business with Fiverr.

During the Fiverr Event in London on Wednesday, 05 November 2014, I discussed with Fiverr COO with the hope the discussion will be taken forward, but at the time of creating this Discussion, I am still waiting.

With OnlineNaira, Africans who live in Africa will be able to load funds into their OnlineNaira account and that money is then made available in their Fiverr account so they could buy gigs and also do a withdrawal into their OnlineNaira account and subsequently withdraw the money into their own bank account in their own countries.

Let us discuss!

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