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Unable to contact Tech Support


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I have an issue that for some reason I stopped receiving email notifications from my Fiverr Suppliers. I submitted the tech support ticket and the Fiverr site proceeds to tell me that "Is not yet submitted - please verify with the email we are sending you"

How the hell can I verify it - if my issue is that I am NOT receiving emails - duh.

Please, anyone know how to work around this?

Many thanks

Below is the support email I originally sent…


I have not received any notifications from Fiverr when I have received a message from two of my suppliers. The last notification I received was on Wednesday. (now Saturday here)

I just happened to log into Fiverr and saw that they had messaged me. If I hadn’t logged on, I would still be waiting for an email notification.

Can you please help fix this issue ASAP?

Many thanks


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