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I'm this close to get kicked out of Fiverr


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Guys, one tips for all of us seller

never share your contact address with customer on everything

I learn this in a hard way

so suddenly fiverr sent me this message

"To keep our community safe, we ask that users do not exchange personal contact information. By the way, it’s also not permitted by our Terms of Service http://www.fiverr.com/terms_of_service

Note: These warnings may affect your eligibility for Levels, other features, and your account status."

after I have some dispute that needed to be solved in a very fast manner

ah I hope someday fiverr can have a live chat features for buyers and sellers…

Maybe this will affect my eligibility to earn top rated seller,

however I think I’m lucky Fiverr didn’t kick me out straight away

I wonder what other features will I lost and what will happen to my account status after this?


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Well, not sharing your personal address and contact information is something that has been in the Fiverr terms of service for years. It’s always a good idea to be familiar with a site’s TOS before you start doing business on their site – no matter what that site might be.

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Reply to @inspiredtony: there is a couple of things you can do with a contact information that allowed you to do live chat. For example if you run out of time and you must contact the customer immediately to fix something with the order we as a seller can get direct response from client instead have to wait because we live miles away and have different time zone.

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Reply to @awroemanto: I hear your pain awroemanto. I have a buyer right now who is struggling to get his website up and running. If I could talk with him for five minutes, I could help him - I’m not even trying to charge him for it, just to be a nice person. Instead, I’m slogging through making screenshots, etc. and what should be 5 minutes is an hour and then eventually it just isn’t worth it to give great customer service.

@fonthaunt - I could bring cookies.

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