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Break The Competition| Outrank Other Freelance services with your gig


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Okay, I’ve been out on Fiverr for a pretty long time now and I’ve been an SEO as well. I’ve come to understand a lot about these two. You hear a lot about people saying google likes wordpress, and all that. Well, wordpress hasn’t got anything other than backlinks and pretty little SEO. Yes, not just back links, I mean #a lot of backlinks. This is the same reason we say things like google likes facebook, youtube and all that. For youtube, I can’t pick a point of arguement, however for facebook, think. It’s got backlinks from almost all the sites that exists out there.

So, how do we break the competition and rank for specific keywords (refer to my keyword research gig to find one if you do not have any in mind already) , we build a lot of backlinks.

Keep reading, you’re not done. Now, a lot of back links builders sadly do not look for sites that are not blacklisted already. They just use a bot and then submit a report on the bot system they’ve use. This causes more harm to your gig. I thought of this for a really long time, even the PR4 upwards that most back links builders pretends to build are blacklisted.

So what now? How about we build the links ourselves?

Drop a comment if you want me to put a backlink to your fiverr gig from mine in order that you do the same to mine from yours.

Requirements: If I must back link yours, you must give me a unique article to use. I’d give you mine as well.

The article must target only one gig (SEO Reasons)

You must have a website or top quality designed blog. You can check mine out, http://egeniushub.com ~ The Electronic Genius Hub [eGeniusHub].

You can also get website analysis done for you to know the kind of site you have from my gig page as well as market research. Just do well to order them if they appeal to you. Thanks. James10ad@fiverr.com

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Reply to @fonthaunt: No sir. Fiverr only doesn’t want us to make contact outside the network which is why I didn’t make any request for an ema il or anything of the like. SEO simply means Search Engine Optimisation, I believe it’s not new to you. “Been an SEO” simply means for a while, I’ve used the SEO tricks to do perfect works.

Here, we’re only trying to promote our Fiverr gigs and Fiverr as well in the course of doing that to ours.

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