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What the heck is 'your payment is in the oven'?


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I have successfully purchased a bunch of fiverrs and have ‘damn fast payment’ or whatever it’s called set up. My account is active. But all of a sudden, when I try to buy a new fiverr, I get a response page that says, “Your payment is in the oven;” as if there’s a delay to complete the payment. (And the page says 'echecks take longer to process…but I don’t have an echeck…it’s a straight debit from my paypal account). And there’s no follow up email, I never get the fiverr connected, and the seller is not notified. Try it again a day later, same response. Try it with a different fiverr, same response. Open a trouble ticket with fiverr, no response. (Although in all fairness, I did just open a trouble ticket maybe 5-6 hours ago). Any ideas?

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