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My picture rights on fiverr


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Hello everyone,

I`m new on fiverr. My name is Anna.

Also I work with photo stocks.

Since I joined fiverr I made some orders (such as drawing vector pictures).

And my question is what kind of license have my pictures on fiverr?

If there is not Exclusive (with selling the rights of image to buyer or fiverr)

so can I sell these works or similar on stocks?

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Unless you state otherwise in your gig, the Fiverr Terms of Service state that you transfer all copyrights on any work or artwork you create for a client to the client upon delivery. In other words, when you complete a gig, you are also giving the copyrights for that artwork to the buyer – he/she then becomes the new copyright owner of that work.

You are allowed to state in your gig that you keep all copyrights, and then, legally, you are essentially sending a copy of the work to the buyer, and keeping the rights to do whatever you want with the original artwork you created. HOWEVER, if you state that you retain all copyrights, you do run the risk of losing sales from buyers who might want to be the only owner of that artwork.

If you state that you retain copyrights to all of your gig artwork, you can legally use that artwork for other projects.

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