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A gig or two for me a day means


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I have been getting more and higher paid gigs in my second month since I started.

I can’t begin to tell you what it means to me making even a few hundred bucks a month.

It gives me the breathing room to pay off some of my debt. The fact that I may almost make enough for my car payment in my second month is astonishing to me.

10 bucks a day is not much but that it can make my car payment pleases me very much.

Earning 600 bucks into my budget a month would make such a huge difference for me.

But the thought that I can climb my way out of my debt over a year or two with this thing really has me motivated. The fact that my debt has stopped going up and will start to move down has me relaxed in a way that I haven’t been in a quite a while.

The really exiting thing is that as I continue to develop my gigs, I expect that I can do even better. When my debt is paid, I’m gonna be thrilled at the new disposable or investable income that I developed.

I’m about to start promoting a podcast I have been getting going about Fiverr. I hope when it is rolling, it will not only boost my own business but offer others a way to start promoting their own as well.

I’m also figuring out lots of other ways that I can promote my own gigs online. I just started doing more on Pintrest.

I have a handful of ideas for more “special” creative gigs. I don’t wanna reveal too much now, but I have something a little more out of the ordinary in mind. These particular ideas I’m developing to be creatively “special” and “efficient” with time. Hopefully they’ll offer far more income potential overall than I’ve been working with thus far.

Anyhow, this is a chit chat I started because I actually feel quite motivated. I know people who would be great at this but I think they’re a little afraid to give it a shot. I am pushing them and we will see.

Anyways…good luck, people. 🙂

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