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Drop down of sales because of Holidays?


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A total of 5-6 sales a day is certainly nothing to complain about. I know of many sellers here on Fiverr who are not as lucky as you are. Sales come and go. Perhaps you are in a low sales time, and things will pick up again in the near future.

Steady sales of any nature are always a good thing. 😉

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Jon! I feel we should dress up for next Hween. You can be an angel and I can be a demon! You’re so sweet and positive I’m getting cavities and charged ions in my system just reading you message 🙂

EffDog, I can guess you feel a little like Applebloom here when it comes to more sales:

Despite our deepest pony desires, t’s regular and ordinary for there to be order fluctuation in the short term. Chart your sales on 15 to 31 day rolling averages and COMPARE to last year’s average.

If you’ve not been selling for nearly two years, there’s no way to know if this is a real change or a noisy one.

You also cannot know if the search results have had a shake out or another seller is being featured in your space.

Finally, if it make sense for you, put your focus while sales are lower on your upsell procedures. It’s always easier to upsell an existing customer than it is to get new ones.
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