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How to Make $100 Per Day or More On Fiverr


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If you have ever used Fiverr don’t you wonder how you could make money on there for yourself sometimes?

Fiverr is probably the most underrated website on the internet in terms of making money. Most people who go to Fiverr go there with the intention of making a purchase, not making a sale.

But it’s not as difficult to make sales on fiverr as one might think.

Here are just a few ways you could be making money on fiverr:

Create your own product.

This could be based on anything.

What did you learn on that webinar last night?

Have you had success with Craigslist? (Make a video showing your strategy)

Are you good with SEO? (Make a video/ebook showing your strategy)

Have a camcorder or webcam?

Offer to do product reviews or video testimonials for others.

Are you on facebook?

Offer to promote people’s links to their products and services on your wall or your fb groups/fanpages. You could do this same thing on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.

You can even build your list

Did you create a product showing people how you get your Craigslist ads to stick?

When you deliver the order, send them to an optin form that requires their email in order to receive the product. Now not only did you earn $5 but you just charged someone $5 to become YOUR lead.

How awesome is that?!

Convert web traffic into sales or leads

Read more: http://convertingtraffic.webnode.sk/convert-web-traffic-into-sales-or-leads/


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