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Can i get an advise? My sales is steadily declining. :(


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Hi Vladicreative,

I agree with Micah. If you want to help boost the visibility of your gigs, I’d edit each of them a little bit to update them and help boost yourself in the Fiverr algorithms. If all else fails, start getting proactive with the Buyer Requests boards!

All the best,


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Doctor, entrepreneur, and award-winning writer with a background in business. Whether you need help with your next novel, figuring out how to improve sales (and traffic) to your website, or producing a piece of killer sales copy, I'm your guy!...

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You have great ratings and some really cool gigs. I would say do the following:

  1. Change the gig pictures with updated work you have done…
  2. use google keyword search and find the most optimized keywords you should use.
  3. Make some changes to the descriptions
  4. Market your gigs on social media platforms
  5. If you can create a blog and market your gigs there as well.
  6. Post on fiverr forums and take part in discussions

    My sales are down as well but I keep making changes every weeks and I do get a few sales in per day. At one point I was getting 15-20 orders everyday … miss those days.

    Let me know how this has worked out for you…


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This is sooo cool and awesome! My biggest thank you to david, avad, socialupper and Safwan. I was so grateful and very appreciative to actually get comments/advise from fellow sellers. YOu guys are so helpful. The fiverr community is a very vibrant and socially-healthy community because of fellow members like you. Thank you very much. I will follow your advises. Big cheers!

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