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How to ruin your gigs


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Let us tell “those sellers” easy steps to ruin their gigs.

(this could be self-warning too X_X )

  1. Deliver LATE
  2. Deliver NOTHING + more point for asking buyer to give you more time
  3. Use wonderful example and UGLY LIVE PORTFOLIO + more point for using stock images/templates
  4. Using image/video/etc TEMPLATES you bought WITHOUT COMMERCIAL LICENSE + more point for thinking that no one would ever know
  5. Send message to buyer in MACHINE TRANSLATED ENGLISH + more point for using UK/US flag on your profile

    Don’t hesitate to add yours :-c
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#1 Totally agree

#2 Some sellers deliver nothing because they do need more time, and it’s better than delivering late.

#3 The “ugly live portfolio” won’t be ugly if your work isn’t ugly. Or you can choose not to have it. Since I’m a writer, what would my live portfolio be? Word files? I don’t think that’s gonna work.

#4 Totally agree, I have hired Fiverr gig image designers to avoid that problem.

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