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Can I create 2000 GiGs on Fiverrr in 1 account


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I have reseller rights from a company and I want to sell their 2000+ products on Fiverr. Products Fall in 10 categories but most products are totally different from each other.

If I want to - is it possible I create 2000 GiGs on Fiverrr in 1 account - I need some official advice too.


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Hello and welcome.

Fiverr is a creative community. Most of the works sold are one offs. Services and products created or reimagined to suit the needs of a particular buyer.

Historically PLR/MRR products do not fare well on Fiverr as most are readily available elsewhere, often for free if you know how to Google them right.

We see sellers come and go with weight loss, get rich, how to pick up girls, how to be a blogger, forex millions eBooks, software and videos.

There are tons of newbies struggling with 20 gigs they can’t manage, never mind 2000! I can only image what that would be like.

Pick your best selling product and try it. Test it, tweak it and reengineer it, make it unique and you might have some success.

Good luck! 🙂

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PLR/MRR aside… although you did say you have “reseller” rights which I interpreted as meaning you do not have an original product. You should read the Fiverr TOS.

Anyway, it’s not your best move to start on Fiverr with more than 1,2 or 3 gigs.

Right out of the gate, a new Fiverr seller does not know Fiverr protocols and how the system works, or what buyers look for in a seller, or how to over-deliver and build ratings… and doesn’t understand the LEVEL system.

Each gig, needs to be tested, tweaked and tested again until it starts to take hold, and then tweaked some more. There are tons of sellers with just 1 or 2 gigs that have sold thousands.

Look around, you’ll see tons of newbies with 20 gigs and no sales. 30 days later they’re here on the forum begging for help.

Again good luck to you!

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