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Why is there 50 cent surcharge? Is this now FiveFiftyrr?


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How can it be Fiverr, when it’s Fiverr Plus 50 cents? Wouldn’t that be FiveFiftyrr? Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems kind of misleading. And why is there be a processing fee for a buyer’s purchase when that buyer is paying out of the funds they earned as a seller from Fiverr, and not from Paypal?

I feel that it will make it harder for sellers to sell these gigs when the buyer thinks they are buying $5.50 worth of services, yet the seller is only making $4. So now the gap is even bigger, with both the buyer and seller losing out. Idk, maybe there will just be more outsourcing to countries where $4 USD converted to their currency is worth the amount work they put in for the $5.50 value… which may result in purchases of lower quality services for the customers… I suppose we can only speculate.

I’m just curious- What do you all think?

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