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Problem with buyer!


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there was a lady who ordered me a gig to design her website and she didnt even contact me, straight to ordering. My gig says contact me before placing and order. Anyways to avoid bad reputation by cancelling the order, i didnt cancel it and i agreed with it. She sent me details about web-designing and did not sent me the wordpres user & password. I asked for user and password and than after 2 days she sent me login info. the login info was incorrect so i contacted back. after 1 day she sent me the login info again, this time pretending that she misstyped the password. And again the login info was inccorrect. after i contacted her and told that login is inccorect, after 2 days she reply to me saying that she’s sorry, she doesnt know what happend, she would try to solve the problem and order was #L A T E# so she declined the order. than she leaves me a review “cancelled order. seller failed to deliver on time” !!!

Please check the images on attachment to understand it better.

I was wondering if there is anything you can do about this ? Or how to avoid these kind of people !?

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