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Hostile Seller Causes Trouble for Buyer


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I’m a buyer and seller on fiverr but with recent topics that I have been writing about several sellers are hostile against me by having messaging disabled so I can’t communicate with customers. I have to ask Fiverr admin to restore which could take a day or two.

Obviously, I’ve hit the point on the head about the extensive fraud that continues with sellers of all kinds of seo services. The seller causing the problem is selling seo, he’s hostile, he shows a pyramid for his services and has sold more than 32k of this gig. There were previously negative feedback which was suspiciously removed, more likely by fiverr admin. People continue to line-up for his gig that doesn’t work and is a waste $. He wants you to buy at least ten bucks. He states nothing will happen for five dollars.

So, I caution buyers to be careful what they purchase because it may not be what you think or expecting.

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