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Tested Another Seller Which Ended Up To Be Fake, Again


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On Friday, we purchased so called traffic from a seller named “Linda”. Sorry, I can’t tell you the username as it may affect this posting. But, she’s in there with other sellers providing so called traffic to your website. In this case you would receive about 200 to 300 “real” visitors as she claims every day for the next 50 days.

Ok, we purchased this for five bucks. Now, we have our own method of tracking and it’s not google analytics, it’s actually much better. Our tracking system can find info right down to the street where the person lives. Yes, there are php scripts that are available that can do that for you.

Anyhow, as soon as “Linda” confirmed, suddenly I’m getting traffic to the url that I provided. Wow, that was fast, but is it possible? Well, you can ask my wife, she’s a programmer and she will tell you, NO it’s not possible. This person “Linda” simply has a software that she loads which pretends to send you traffic from Linkedin, FB, Twitter and others. It is not real traffic and it will not increase your sales.

As soon as I told “Linda” that this can’t be real traffic according to our tracking system. The ip’s were fake. After I said that, suddenly no more traffic. Obviously she clicked stop on her software and immediately cancelled my order.

In summary, buyer beware of these kinds of gigs because you are simply wasting your time and money.

In the next day or two I’ll be writing about how you can get real people traffic to your website without the need for fake services. In the mean time be careful how you spend your money.

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for $5 usd i will not care to create meta tags and for $5 they give seo load of bullshit.

my site gets 1000 hits a day using my seo trick and people that say will do seo $5 is fake.

if you buy why not ask them what they will do ? watch them stuter

to get real traffic

1: buy a domain that has your keyword ( catfood.co.uk )

2: do keyword ressearch find low competition keyword for cat foot

3: create meta tags and add keywords and description fillit in with info and sprinkle keyword all over not to much.

4:create backlinks to sites that is relevant to your site content

5: create sitemap

6: share on social network and youtube

7:mass index your site

keep your domain live for over 1 year without issues and make the site user frienedly adding animation or popup is no no.

watch the traffic come in


u said : Anyhow, as soon as “Linda” confirmed, suddenly I’m getting traffic to the url that I provided. Wow, that was fast,

its fake hits using proxies

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Fiverr does not condone this type of gig and in fact shuts them down when they are complained about. Fiverr is not a fraud site, I am a video seller on here and as you can see I do very well. Anyone that buys fake traffic should know better. It’s been discussed on here so many times you can’t count. Yet every day someone is complaining they got ripped off by “fiverr”. When in fact, it is the buyer trying to "rip off"someone by showing that they have lots of traffic, when in fact they do not.

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Fiverr is not a fake. There are some fakes phonies in all businesses. And there are many honest vendors. I have purchased 25 graphic design gigs from three different Fiverr vendors so far in the last 12 months and they were all good. However, I have had a few vendors that look shaky. What helped me from the scam was I emailed them first asking them some relevant and direct questions. If the answers are shaky, then you move on. Like this one vendor who said he (or she) would send me some “vibes” through the universe to heal my illness for $5. Haha! Also I just saw an ad from a Fiverr “graphic design” vendor called missbexydust from Australia who posted some X-rated adverting explicit material (body parts). THAT --Fiverr should have some policies about it.

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