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THE DREAM: Featured on Fiverr Homepage & 100 Orders a Day


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I wonder what it would be like to be one of those Sellers on Fiverr Featured Everyday on the Homepage Raking in 100+ Orders a Day...


- Would it be Stressful trying to fulfil all those Orders Daily?

- Would all your Orders Dry Up Once your Featured Spot Ends?


Any sellers out there who has had this experience, any suggestions or feedback would be great.


As a Seller Ive only been lucky to see upto 5 orders in one day but am grateful for those so maybe just dreaming one day you will see my gigs on the Homepage :)


- @Streetwear

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I can assure you 100+ orders a day would be insanity to fulfill – depending upon the service of course. If it took 5 minutes to complete each of 100 orders, that would be over eight hours straight (with no breaks) of completing nothing but 5 minute gigs. Strong sales are great, we all want that, but I think I’d be happy with a bit less than 100 gigs on a daily basis. Something more manageable would be more to my liking. 🙂

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