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After my gig gets its first order, it disappears from search?


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Happened with me many times. Contacted with customer support, they arrogantly answered that my gig wasn’t pass their content editors’ review so my gig disappeared !! Then they denied my other gigs and made them inactive to buyers !! LOL Ironically I found many other GIGS are providing the same service was still there.

I guess you ain’t gonna get any help from Customer Support. They will put you in more trouble rather than helping or supporting you.

Fiverr Customer Support center should change their name to “Fiver Trouble Makers” -_-

Most horrifying about fiverr Customer Support is you will find few people there who loves to ABUSE their power, Trust me, I’m a victim.

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Reply to @facebook_demon: Seriously I have opened a ticket 10 days ago and they still are not replying to my tickets.

A buyer has ordered my gig to make a complete social networking website but as soon as I delivered my order the very next day I received mails from Customer Support Team that all my orders are cancelled and funds are given back to buyer worth 560 USD and Customer Support also deleted my account.

And when I opened a ticket its 10 days now they are not responding to it.

I have even posted on FB page of fiverr they are replying to other issues over there but not replying to my post 😦

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