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Start a Vote on the New 50cents Surcharge as to who will be using Fiverr Less Now


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Hello Everyone, I am a regular fiverr buyer. Absolutely LOVE the service. The messaging system is sometimes a pain but everything else is spectacular.

I Have purchased over 500 gigs in the last 4 months. This new 50 cent surcharge fee is very discouraging. I myself will be moving my business to other (unnamed competitors) for more of my gigs now.

I am curious how everyone else feels, will this affect how many gigs you buy here? Give a yah or nah =)

Regards all,


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The complaining about the processing fee is just running on and on, so much that’s it’s getting quite tedious now.

Fiverr made a business decision, and we’ve just go to live with it.

I think it’s time all those people saying “that’s it”, “I’m done”, “I’m moving to another service” should pack up and move on. I suspect 80% of them will still buy from fiverr because it’s amazing value and there really isn’t a comparable site out there.

Fiverr won’t reverse this - it’s a business, and a good one too.

It’s time to put up or shut up, as they say!

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Its more like some buyers will be buying less from here. Not all buyers and sellers are complaining. I guess its still a bit of a shock since a notice isn’t appearing at the top of the page on the forums nor the main site.

I dislike the fees on both ends but what’s done is done.

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its very disappointing for fiverr user if he or she is a buyer or a seller too. because without buyer no one can waste their time here. but still their is a middle way in my case i try to give some discount to my buyers if they ordering me regular basis i always try to put the best deal for them in this way buyers can reduce their burden too and i think every seller should do this :)>-

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I don’t see any stars beside your name.

Big buyers will take more of there business elsewhere. A Joe blow buying 1 gig here 1 gig there maybe it doesn’t make a difference but when you buy a few hundred a month it makes a difference.

There is a roundness to 5bucks. That 5.50 does not have. Its esthetically and psychologically unappealing.

And the way that it was implemented was just rude.

I have already decided to make 50 percent less of my purchases on Fiverr and instead on Seoclerks and other places like it. Fiverr has great support and reputation but so do other places.


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