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Why arent people buying from me?


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Truthfully, no one will ever truly know why buyers buy the things they do from the merchants they choose to buy them from. Information like that is entirely based upon the buyer. There is an entire industry focused on trying to figure these things out… most of us know this industry as “Marketing”. 😉

As far as your current gig on Fiverr, I have two possible answers.

One, you only have one gig. That limits your selling potential to only the people that might want you to write a story for them. If there are people looking for other things… well, you don’t offer other things, so those sellers would look elsewhere. There’s nothing wrong with having more than one gig.

Two, the only gig you are offering is to write someone a story. In the business world, which Fiverr tends to be most focused towards, writing a fun story isn’t in strong demand. Most sellers are looking for things like logos, editing services, graphic design – things that can help them improve or grow their business or brand.

But, of course, that brings us back to my first suggestion – more gigs. 😉

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Interesting, just checked your profile and you seem very passionate with writing. I need creative, inspired writers on a regular base for my upcoming website project, and will definitely hit that BUY button within a few days, to see your style. 🙂

What is ‘Suspense Fiction’ is exactly?

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And you gotta think out of the box, in which site-wide categories you could offer variations of your writing skills?

Think of

Poetry, birthday/wedding surprises etc. Category > Arts & Crafts

Resumes & Cover Letters. Category > Writing > Resumes & Cover Letters

Introduction texts in you creative style. Category > Writing > Creative writing

300-500 word articles for websites/blogs. Category > Writing > Website Content

Songwriting. Category > Music and audio > Songwriting

Beside this, you can think all kinds of things that have nothing to with writing, ideas enough under category 'Fun’

Cheers, Alw1

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Thank you all for your help! I appreciate it greatly! Suspense Fiction is a story that builds up anticipation and excitement, making you want to keep reading to find out what will happen next.

I will definitely make more gigs,try to branch out what I can offer,and add a video to my gigs.

Thanks Again!

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