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My first suggestion would be to post your gig under “My Fiverr Gigs” which is the only correct place I can think of for posting check-me-out sort of posts. You can move your post there by clicking the edit button.

In the meantime, your profile is not hard to read which is a plus. You might want to add some information to it.

In my opinion, your caricature gig has a good image since it appears to be a sample and as long as that is your own work, that helps. I would say the same of your paper cutout gig. The others have images that appear to be either edited a bit rough or use stock images (i.e. proofreading gig.)

You can now manually change the thumbnail of videos and I would suggest taking advantage of that option. On gigs that have been the same for a long time, you might just want to refresh your descriptions/videos/images or delete them and re-do them to give your gigs a chance at a new start in the latest version of Fiverr. Good luck!

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