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Can we exchange gigs?


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This is an interesting question, I think its only fair to work through the fiverr system for the gig exchange so that fiverr can get some percent off the work because they invest a lot of money into marketing and publicity for us all. In the entertainment industry it is typical for 20% or so you lose from your representatives.

I think if you write to each other and ask for such a request its hard to trust that person because you’re on your own if using fiverr you would have the protection of cancelling the gig.

All and all, think about where you got your customer from, fiverr, they are helping you and in return they want 20%.

What do you all think?

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Really good point Joey. And I agree…sort of.

When I waited tables, I got free food from the restaurant where I worked. When I worked at a bookstore, I got 25% off of all books purchased. Even when I worked as a contractor as a copywriter, I would often receive the right to purchase at a discount because they wanted me to be familiar with the products and services offered. I think of fiverr in some ways like the last example. As a seller, I’m more likely to give referrals to other sellers if I have had the opportunity to try out their services, so there is a benefit to fiverr. However, this certainly wouldn’t apply in all situations.

I don’t want to undermine the system. But I am a big advocate for peer-to-peer exchange.

For me, I don’t worry about not getting paid. I often produce content on spec when it is possible to break down a larger job and identify a small part to demonstrate my capacity. Occasionally it doesn’t get bought. Most of the time it does. Such is the life of a writer and designer.

Anyway, I’d love to hear from others. Or more from you Joey. The $1.50 it would cost each buyer/seller to participate in an exchange is indeed a small price to pay to support the platform and I don’t begrudge fiverr that at all. Maybe the waiver of the transaction fee or the capacity to trade is a benefit that one could get at a certain level. Hmmm.

Appreciatively, Sukey

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If it was an occasional exchange, I don’t think that fiverr would have a problem with it.

I’ve exchanged services with other sellers in the past (a logo for proofreading).

When I exchanged services, both of us improved our gig offering, which is of benefit to fiverr, as it may mean higher conversions (and commission).

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