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Be elegant, if you need an extra service, message the buyer BEFORE placing your order


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I cancel orders every single day.

I dont like this, but I will never work with a buyer who doesnt read my gig description and ask for so much more, but of course, without willing to give extra $ for my extra work.

It is not elegant to place an order and than ask for an extra service for just 5$.If you order a basic 5$, understand that you will get the basic 5$ package.

I receive a lot of 5$ orders from a lot of buyers and than they ask me work my a@s off, more than this, they promise that if I do a GREAT job, they will order so much more. (serious?)

This is childish! An experienced seller will smell you very fast, when you ask for the sun and for the stars without even reading sellers gig description and you PROMISE that that you will order MORE if the result will be great, you just make yourself look so cheap. Sorry to say this, but its the truth.

Our basic service is 5$, but if you need more, order more or at least message the seller before placing an order.

A good seller will deliver good work anyway, you dont have to tell him "Hey, do a great job and I will come back with 20 orders" - this sounds like you believe that the seller will deliver a great result only if you PROMISE this to him.<br /> <br /> A seller might not be very happy with this situation.We know that serious buyers dont make such promises, a serious buyer will NOT promise, he will simply buy ACCORDING TO SELLER`S GIG DESCRIPTION and he will observe if the seller delivers a good job NATURALLY.

Asking for the Universe for 5$ and PROMISING that if you get that universe, you will come back for more “Universes”, will not work, at least not with me.

If you order a 5$ job, a great 5$ job you will get. Need more? Order more.

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Reply to @indeesha: If somebody buys a 5$ service, a 5$ service I will deliver. 5$ doesn’t mean poor service, it doesn’t mean that I do not give the best for my client, it only means a limited service which is equivalent in $. A fair service for a fair price.

I dont offer unlimited revisions because my services dont need revisions. I do it right from the very first time IF THE BUYER submits the information correctly.

Of course, nobody is perfect, a mistake could happen anytime and I am available for a proper remake, but this happens extremely rare on my watch.

My advice would be to value your work, if you are willing to sell your services very cheap, you will only attract buyers who will be happy to take advantage of you.

From my experience, those who asked for very cheap services were always unhappy with my work. That buyer who is looking for the lowest price, will be the most pretentious buyer. I don`t want this in my life.

Please take this as a sincere advice.Value your work and your work will be valued by others.

Wishing you best of luck!

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I can understand. I got an order to create a install a theme and ended up creating the whole website. Though I completed the website as part of my commitment, refused to take the second order that the user offered. For $5, the hassle was simply not worth the effort.

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This is why I got out of the creative services business a long time ago. People who have NOTHING (not even a picture in their own head), until someone like us can make it into something, think they can get that something for nothing.

Ugh. Makes me sick to see creative and talented people underbidding one another to the point where they literally pay the client for the privilege of working for them.

Creative people need to recognize the scam that’s being run on them. Excellent customer service doesn’t mean giving away the farm when someone is asking your cow for a pint of milk.

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