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Order payment failed, please try again


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Anyone else having this bloody problem!! been trying to make payment for a gig, and this what keep poping out to my email!! In needs of help…

Hi atfitness,

Due to a technical problem, we couldn’t process your payment and start the order for the Gig ‘Shopping cart’.

We are sorry for the inconvenience and suggest that you try ordering this Gig again.

For assistance with this order, please contact our Resolution Center


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Hi Atfitness,

I got the same issue, I know yours was ages ago last Nov. 2014.

My friend has been trying for days as well to buy gigs and she is not able either. I was mocking her because she is new and thought she was doing something wrong, but I see now that she is not the only one facing the same issue. I have bought many times so I guess the issue is not from my side.

Would you mind sharing with me what happend and if you ever got it sorted?

Thanks in advance,

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