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Still my gig have no sell why?


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I looked at your gig, and it looks good, but on your profile I would put a picture of ourself so people can see you. I also would put a video of yourself talking about your gig. People like videos, hopefully that will help you out. Also try some other gigs that you can do, plus look at other popular gigs that might spark something else for you as well.

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You gotta display your work better, like this guy:


This guy offers 2 designs for $5, and he has 20 people in his queue.


Learn from Top Rated Sellers, you’re not at a point where you can charge for everything, but see how they describe their services, how they communicate with their public. Don’t steal, just get inspired by them.


Good luck.

P.S. Why not create a gig that’s based on your culture? “I will design a Bangladeshi T-Shirt”? My point is you can have two gigs for t-shirt design.

I have one gig for general headlines, and another for teespring headlines.

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