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Hi guys I’m in search of software that will create website traffic to my sites and would like to find a Fiverr seller who has software thats not in a foreign language and one that really works, I recently purchased from 5 different buyers and all of them sold me something thats in a foreign language and how strange everyone selling the same software. I would appreciate the guidance of anyone that can assist me and would like to support a fellow Fiverr user

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There is no software that sending traffic. Every one selling free Chinese tool, publishing on 2001. And its not working… You can get fake traffic using Proxy bots but Google will ban your site sooner Or later.

  1. Never buy fake traffic tools
  2. Never buy traffic that not show on Google Analytic
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Like the others said, you’re asking the wrong question. This type of software is not worth it. However, there are expired domain traffic sites that send traffic to your website from expired domains. What’s most important is targeted and relevant traffic from interested people. But you might check it out.

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I also would not recommend any software, if you are looking for website traffic then we provide this and many of our customers get good results, it all depends on your content etc.

We provide

Traffic Admin panel

instant Activation

Targeting / GeoTargeting

Fraud Center

Targeting & Delivery Speed Choices:

Geo Targeting - Choose visitors from a specific country

Category Targeting - Choose the category that best matches your website

Delivery Speed - Choose how many days/weeks/months you would like your traffic spread over

Our traffic comes from over 12000 websites internet wide, including 3 established search engines, 2 internet service providers, movie sites, social networking sites, online gaming sites, and a well known domain registrar which currently hosts over 5000 ad supported websites (expired domain traffic).

We only offer IP unique targeted traffic that is delivered through our exclusive network of over 12000 websites

All traffic is Adsense safe and delivered through full page pop under windows.

Check us out I can even send you a test of the traffic if you like webkingz




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Hi I am offering such a tool. Please check my gig for more. This tool is provided in English language and claims to generate real and targeted traffic. Helps me a great deal to get some constant traffic on my website so it does not look dead to google.

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