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Pending clearance never ended


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in late August a customer ordered a gig from me, realized he didn’t want it after all, and we mutually agreed to cancel.

Since then, I completed a few gigs for other customers, but the “pending clearance” period never ended. The bar is there, it’s full, the date has passed and I still have $0 available.

I contacted support and they confirmed it’s a bug, but it’s been over 3 weeks that the week has been opened and not a word has come. I just got another order this morning and it’s frustrating to feel like I’m doing it for nothing (not that it’s a big amount of money, but it’s also a matter of principle.)

Is this happening to anybody else? Should I just open another ticket? I know it’s a big no-no, but for all I know the person responsible for it may not even be working for Fiverr anymore (I don’t know what else to think!)


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