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Couples/pair/duo/team gig allowed on fiverr under 1 account? *ANSWERED by customer service*


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UPDATE 1/13/13

Customer service:

“Thank you for contacting us about this. If you and your friend have an agreement regarding your angelitahire account, you are welcome to manage it together :)”


I hope this question is allowed in this section. :) I also did a search and didn't find anything related to this.

I just started fiverr and I have some gigs and already getting some orders!

My question is, would it be ok for my friend to have a gig featured on my account?
He draws cartoon/manga caricatures (same thing that I do but in his style)!

He does not have a paypal account and cannot get one.
We are not up to anything shady or have multiple accounts or anything like that, just have his gig added on my account.

So is a couples/pair/duo/team business allowed under 1 account?

I understand if it's not allowed and we fully accept it if it's not allowed.

Thank you! :)
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I am not sure about this. You may want to contact customer support for an accurate answer.

I have seen couples do “couples video testimonials” and such, and they seem to be allowed. However, they are doing this action together. Not having separate gigs on the same account. So, I am not sure if your case would be different or not.

Customer support is your best bet on finding out whether this is truly allowed or not.

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