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Hello Guys Please Read Carefully... Fiverr is a Fraud site


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step 1- he sends some link for work to you/ or some type of zip files… when u click it - u are redirected to some website which gets your fiverr pass.- your fiver a/c is hacked and u don’ know that.( or may be not) just assuming, may be he can hack in some other way also.

step-2- he knows your fiverr password now- he just watches your funds daily and knows your email address and paypal address from inside of fiverr.

step-3- Now he tries to hack your email address / paypal email also. when these are hacked . he still do not do anything. he just keeps a watch on these…nor change any passwords.

step-4- By seeing your old emails he calculates when u withdraw the money. means at the end of the month or when your figure touches a particular amt. say 500$. Generally we all withdraw every month or every 15 days

or when it near a particular amt…

step-5- He sets his target accordingly. when he has to withdraw the funds- when he will get maximum funds

step-6- one day he changes the paypal email address given in the fiverr… so when the mail comes from the fiverr on your email address its deleted by him/or blocked becasue he knows your email password and he knows your time zone

and time of your working… so when u are sleeping he does that… Now u cannot see the mail which came from fiverr for the change of paypal address- New paypal is activated after 24 hrs only. so he waits for 24 hrs.

step7- As soon as 24hrs passed and he sees that paypal button is now activated -withing seconds he click the paypal button for withdraw the funds. and u get a mail that the amt has been withdrawn. Now at that point u get to know

that. u think i didn’t withdraw that amt so how did the mail came. i thought that the fiverr is daily updating something or other so might they have started some auto withdrawl sytems also.

step-8- After withdrawl again he changes the paypal a/c. email address to the original one ( your email). so u get the mail that paypal is the same which u had the paypal earlier… this confuses you. and till then u

don’t know what happened…

All your hard earned money goes away and nobody helps u in this matter. its a perfect crime.

i have written all this in detail so that the other fiverr sellers should know abt this fraud. Also anybody had faced this type of thing please do let us know… - See more at: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/29459/fiverr-account-hacked-and-all-funds-transfered-to-hackers-paypal-ac-/p1#sthash.mTUUIi7o.dpuf

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You’ve been scammed, but you can’t tell it’s Fiverr’s fault!!

Probably someone sent you a fake page and you entered credentials there… is this Fiverr fault?

You could have set security password, but you did not: is this Fiverr fault?

We’re sorry that you lost your money, but I think it was your fault, even if you naturally didn’t want this to happen…

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You should change your title, you realize your saying Fiverr.com is fraud right? or if you are using a translator, something went wrong, fiverr didnt do any fraud to you…

Best Regards,

MichellTech (Rob)

Best In The Business!

Come’on, Buy A Gig Already! You Know You Want Too…!

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Every time I read about these scams, the OP always seems to forget to tell us if they provided their password and username to the fake site. I don’t how else they could get that data. Surely they can’t get it by just clicking a link that redirects you to another site. Fiverr has better security than that.

If all it took was to redirect you to another site to get your login details, there would be thousands being ripped off daily.

So please, if you are going to report a scam, disclose full details.

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